Better Meat Starts With Better Processing

How It Works

Step 1

We’ll drive to you in our pristine, state-of-the-art processing truck on the date and time you select.

Step 2

No need to stress your animals by moving them off-site. We’ll process with care in our truck right outside your door.

Step 3

Better quality processing with full transparency leads to better quality meat, guaranteed.

Quality & Taste Matter

Ethically Raised, Ethically Processed


Because Backyard Butchery operates right outside your door, you can rest assured knowing the animal you raised with care and fed responsibly is the one you’ll get back, every time.


Animals become stressed — and occasionally even injured — when moved off-site, which affects quality. Whether it is beef, pork, lamb or goat, for a far superior product, compassionate, skilled, on-site processing is necessary.


Why wait to get an appointment at a meat processing plant that, due to current circumstances, is backed up months or even years? Backyard Butchery is a more accessible and efficient way to process your animals when you want, how you want, where you want — with no minimum weight requirements.

On-site Meat Processing


A Better Way to Process Your Meat

Our Processes

You put so much time, energy, care and money into raising your animal, but have you ever considered how your meat gets processed at a traditional meat plant? At BYB, we believe quality processing leads to quality meat.

Mobile Processing

No need to stress your animals. We’ll process with care right outside your door, giving you back 100% of the animal that you raised, 100% of the time. ​

Wet Aged

Meat is packed into plastic bags and vacuum sealed. Wet aging helps prevents evaporation, and results in a fresher, more vibrant flavor.

Your Animal, Cut Your Way

We believe in making the most of your animal for you. Our process lets us cut and adjust on the fly to get you exactly what you want to get the most yield out of your animal.