Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Meat Processing? Why is Backyard Butchery unique? Find the answers to many of your questions here.


Backyard Butchery is a first-of-its-kind mobile operation for onsite processing. We’ll come to you in our proprietary, state-of-the-art truck for onsite processing so you know you’re getting back 100% of the animal that you raised with care. Nothing more, nothing less.

We’re 100% transparent  

Outsourcing processing to offsite meat plants means you’re not guaranteed to get your (and only your) animal back. But, because Backyard Butchery operates right outside your door, you can rest assured knowing the animal you raised with care and fed responsibly is the one you’ll get back every time.

Our process ensures a higher quality end product

Animals become stressed — and occasionally even injured — when moved offsite, which affects quality. For a far superior product, compassionate, skilled, onsite processing is necessary.

We’re flexible / We accommodate your schedule 

Why wait months — or even years — to get an appointment at a backed-up meat processing plant? Backyard Butchery is a more accessible and efficient way to process your animals when you want, how you want, where you want. Plus, we process animals that traditional plants don’t, including pork, lamb, beef and goat.

We don’t set minimum weights 

Due to the flexibility of our operation, we’re able to process any size animal (pork and mini cattle included) — it doesn’t need to meet a minimum weight requirement.

Yes.  You can sell your animal, as long as it is sold in shares as a live animal.  Backyard Butchery has a custom exempt license in the state of Oklahoma.

Currently, we process cow, pig, lamb and goat.  This includes Mini Cattle.

We will be expanding our service/processing options to include wild game.  Please contact us with specific questions for more details.

Yes, Backyard Butchery has a custom exempt license with the state of Oklahoma.

No, we do not currently offer a curing option.

For decades, ranchers have turned to traditional processing plants. They’ve waited months to secure an appointment, shipped their animals offsite in stressful conditions, and had to hope that what they were getting back was 100% of their animal.  They’ve done this because it was simply the only option.  But it’s 2021, and we think it’s about time for a better solution. ​

Backyard Butchery does things differently.

Wet-aging:  We process and package your meat into vacuum-sealed bags on-site in our state of the art trailer.  You keep the meat refrigerated at your home for the desired amount of time for delicious, tender, wet-aged cuts of meat.


Yes, Backyard Butchery will process your "downed" or injured animal.  Please call us immediately for availability.


Backyard Butchery services all cities and areas in the state of Oklahoma.

To schedule, call us at 405-887-3066, or email us at [email protected].


To see our current pricing structure, please visit the processing page of this website for exact pricing.

Backyard Butchery accepts Paypal and Venmo. 

The amount of packaged/processed meat you will get out of your animal depends on the animal itself.  This chart shows an estimated rate of return you might expect for any given animal.  Both Slaughtered and Processed percentages are included in this chart.

The slaughtered weight (or hung weight) is calculated after removing the animal's blood, hide and inedible parts. The slaughtered percentages are used when calculating pricing of the animal,

Processing is the cutting of the dressed meat into ready- to- cook portions. It accounts for another loss in weight as excess fat and bone are trimmed away.  The processing percentages below are how much meat you can expect in your freezer.

  • Animal

  • per
  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Lamb/Goat

  • Slaughter Yield

  • per
  • 53% - 62% of Live Weight

  • 67% - 75% of Live Weight

  • 48% - 52% of Live Weight

  • Processing Yield

  • per
  • 50% - 65% of Dressed Weight

  • 72% - 82% of Dressed Weight

  • 70% - 90% of Dressed Weight