The name is in reference to its triangular shape and its placement at the tip of the Sirloin primal.  It is also known as the ‘Triangle Roast’ and ‘Bottom Sirloin Roast’.  

The Tri-Tip is a flavor-filled favorite for a reason — it looks like steak, slices like brisket, and yet it has the beefy flavor of a sirloin.  Cooked right and carved across the grain, it is moist and succulently tender with an easy chew.  It does have a good amount of fat on the cap and some moderate marbling, which offers a recognizable buttery taste that usually comes from more expensive cuts like the Ribeye.

Back in 1950’s California, a handful of butchers began spit roasting the tri-tip alongside ready to go hamburgers, and it quickly became a new favorite and lucrative ‘grab and go’ hot food offering for the masses.  It is now established as a BBQ and smoker favorite among the West coast. 

With solid flavor and so much meat on offer, preparation can be as involved or as easy as you want it to be.

The most popular method is a dry rub before smoking or a strong marinade that will battle the big beefiness of the meat.  *I recommend marinading if cooking it over medium.  

But, if you like things simple, you need only a good seasoning with salt and pepper in preparation to cook it in the oven, or just salt if placing it on the grill.  

Cut into steaks or kept as a whole roast, this cut is truly incredible either way and I love the versatility!